Here you will find original essays and opinion pieces I've written explaining and analyzing various aspects of the game. All of the content below consists of my own personal interpretations, which are purely subjective and not to be taken as definitive fact. Baroque was designed to be a highly personal experience and therefore defies concrete explanation by its very nature. If you copy or reference any of these articles, please provide credit in the form of a link to this website.

Nerve Tower

20320514: A Chronology

A detailed and annotated timeline of the events before, during, and after the game.

Research Lab

The Neurochemistry of Baroques

An exploration of the physio-psychological concepts surrounding Baroques.

Koriel Number 12

Baroque Shinto

From Shinto and Buddhism to Christianity and Gnosticism, this essay examines how various faiths were incorporated into - and refuted by - Baroque.

Great Heat Wave

Abnormal Structures

A deep dive into Baroque's psychological and philosophical inspirations, Yonemitsu's writing techniques, and the illusion of "reality".

Great Heat Wave Distortions

The Origin of Flesh

Whose entrails are these?

Baroque Game Versions

Generational Decay

An illustrated and highly vitriolic comparison of Baroque's three main releases.

The City of Lost Children

Influences & Inspirations

An exploration of Baroque's creative influences and their strong focus on diversity.

Littles, Guardian Angel, Sense Sphere

Baroque Glossary

A deeper look into the naming conventions in Baroque, as well as explanations for the choices made in my unofficial translation.

Johanna Kyon

Distorted Delusions

A collection of thoughts and mini-essays that were either too short or unfocused for their own articles.

Koriel Number 12

The Lowest Layer

Adventures in corrupting Baroque.