Below you will find original essays and opinion pieces I've written explaining and analyzing various aspects of the game.

20320514: A Plot Guide

A detailed and annotated explanation of the events before, during, and after the game.

The Neurochemistry of Baroques

An exploration of the physio-psychological concepts surrounding Baroques.

Baroque Shinto

A short essay explaining a few core tenants of Shinto and how they are incorporated into the philosophy of Baroque.

The Origin of Flesh

Whose entrails are these?

Generational Decay

An illustrated and highly vitriolic comparison of Baroque's three main releases.

Baroque Glossary

A deeper look into the naming conventions in Baroque, as well as explanations for the choices made in my unofficial translation.

Distorted Delusions

A collection of thoughts and mini-essays that were either too short or too subjective for their own articles.