A collection of various Baroque multimedia, all fully translated. If you use any of the content below, please provide credit in the form of a link to this website.

Baroque Concept Art

HQ Concept Gallery (translated)

The “EA Best Selections” re-release of “Baroque Shooting” contains a large collection of Baroque concept art from multiple sources. This archive contains translated and typeset copies of the included character and Grotesque concept art, Inertia Pictures’ Grotesque design documents (already in English), HQ concept paintings of the Nerve Tower and Grotesques, as well as an extensive collection of photographs detailing Eisaku Kito’s sculptures that he made for the game.

Baroque PV Trailer

Baroque PV (subbed)

The longest promotional video put out by Sting to promote Baroque, specifically to advertise the Playstation port: “Baroque ~Distorted Delusions~”. This is also the one time we ever get to hear the protagonist’s voice, which is provided by actress Minami Takayama. She was specifically cast by Yonemitsu for her performance in “Summer Vacation 1999”, a film that was hugely influential to Baroque’s development. The translation used for this trailer is a commissioned work and not my own.

Baroque Worlds Chat

Worlds Chat

If your interest in Baroque is anything to go by, you may have heard of the equally obscure "Worlds Chat'' program from the 90s (which is still running today). Sting used to post official Baroque avatar files for use with the Japanese version of this program, but unfortunately, most of them failed to be archived by the Wayback Machine. Included in this file are the only surviving avatars: Sentry Angel (, Neck Thing (, Guardian Angel (, and the Horned Woman ( These files are not formatted for use with the western version of Worlds.

Baroque Fan Pages - Complement Project Banner

100 Baroque Questions

Back in the day, absurdly long questionnaires were all the rage online. This fan-made Baroque survey was quite popular in Japan and was frequently shared on Baroque fan sites and blogs.
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