The following is a translated, abridged omnibus of all the Baroque Report brochures available on Sting’s website. “Volume 1” has been omitted entirely as it’s only a promotional sales flyer, while “Report Gold” has been largely truncated due to being a basic strategy guide. However, the interesting Q&A questions and “Baroque Dictionary” have been merged into the “Baroque Encyclopedia” from “Baroque Report Z”.

The "Little Girl, a Songbird was Distorted by the World” prologue story by Kazunari Yonemitsu can be read here.

Baroque Report 1

…the distortion nears.

“Baroque: Distorted Delusions” Fully Digital Animation Now in Production!

“Delusional Machine Story: Animisma Barocca” is a work inspired by the setting of the “Baroque Distorted Delusions” videogame. An amnesiac, Angelic Rifles, the Malkuth Order, a distorted world... Although these concepts are present in both works, this story will have a distinctly different flavor.
The project has also been attracting attention as it will be a web-distributed animation that makes full use of cutting edge technology (a freeware program you can download to your computer which allows for unlimited playback).
Additionally, this program exploits the fact that this animation is produced digitally, allowing the user to alter their perspective by freely moving the camera themselves. You will be able to fully immerse yourself in the 3D world we have carefully crafted.

May 14th, 2032. All of the seals have been lifted by the unexplained phenomena known as “the Great Heat Wave”. Prisons, which should have been inescapable due to sophisticated security technology, were no exception. This led to a string of bizarre killings which came to be known as the Baroque Murders.
The daylight shining through the crack in the door is no longer recognizable.
Our protagonist has no memory, and yet is burdened by lingering guilt as he begins wandering through this collapsed world - all the while being pursued by a mysterious machine that demands something of him. He encounters illusory angels that appear and disappear, enigmatic questions, and people with distorted bodies and minds.
Eventually the protagonist learns that the world is continually changing, as if it had a will of its own. It is said that the Sense Spheres found all over this world are absorbing distorted information. The angels say that God has gone mad. “It’s all your fault. God has gone mad and distorted the entire world.” What will he find in the midst of all this chaos?

Protagonist (Voice Actor: Undecided)
He doesn’t appear to have a name, just like in the game. Will he remember anything as the story unfolds?

Baroque Report Protagonist

Storyboard of the opening. The words “Mecha-Little” are visible in it. Just what is a Mecha-Little? We can at least rule out the possibility of it being a world map (Mercator projection).*
*TN - This is an awful pun. Mercator can be spelled by slightly rearranging the katakana characters found in Mecha-Little (“merukatoru” vs “mekaritoru”).

Beautiful use of light and shadow (which was so effectively implemented in the game) and music that grips your heart - both of these elements have been included, and are even more powerful than before. A new Baroque, one set between the prologue and the post-Heat Wave world, has begun.
It will premiere in May 2001, on the “STING WEB 2” members-only network that launched March 2001.
In addition to Japanese voice acting, it will also be available in English and French. Finally, the distortion can be transmitted to the rest of the world.
Further updates with even more details will be available at later dates, so be sure not to miss them!

Baroque Theme Park Malkuth Kingdom
  1. Entrance Gate  Your trip to Baroque World starts with a welcome from the Littles! Get your ticket stamped with a Resurrection Sigil so that you can re-enter the park later (only one re-entry permitted per ticket).
  2. Thing Thing Coin Locker  You may rent wheelchairs and baby strollers from here.
  3. Information Booth  “Little Miss Guardian, where are yooou?” If you find yourself in a situation like this, visit one of the four Information Booths found within the park. A kind Archangel will tell you where to go. Please feel free to ask him anything, including inquiries about lost children.
  4. Bubgel’s Wall  Take a commemorative photo in front of this wall! It can also be used as a place to meet your friends at.
  5. Crypt Angel’s Toybox  In addition to all kinds of Baroque products, we also carry costume items such as Horned Woman hairbands and Imitation Wings. The Archangel recommended White Imitation Wings are our most popular product.
  6. Event Theater  There are a variety of shows scheduled all year round. Don’t miss “The 150 Lust-Ailment Girls Dance Show” we’ll be performing to commemorate the park’s opening!
  7. Justice Cyclone  Ride on Soconpo’s spinning arms and enjoy the thrilling centrifugal force!
  8. Flying Box  Enjoy our sky tram that spans the entire park! You can travel between the theater and the Nerve Tower in nine minutes.
  9. Heart Sky Lifter  Travel over 60 meters into the sky with our Jerryrom balloons. This romantic flight is recommended for couples.
  10. Moon Adventure  Ride the Moon boats through dark, meandering waterways. The ride climaxes in a steep 20 meter descent at a 42 degree incline. Mind the splash!
  11. Littles Shooting Gallery  Release all the Littles from their cultivation chambers with the purifying waves of your sword! A thank you letter from the Guardian Angel will be awarded to players who earn high scores.
  12. Hierophant’s Sweet Parlor  Crepes, drinks, and more! Our speciality is Festum Ice Cream, which you can only buy here at the park. Available in two flavors: Nerve Tower Festum (vanilla) and Hell Dungeon Festum (strawberry).
  13. Mind Reading Thing's House of Fortune Telling  As you answer her questions, she’ll be able to see into the very depths of your mind. Please take your “Crystal Core Diagnosis Certificate” on the way out.
  14. Strength Carousel  You can’t have an amusement park without a carousel. A dreamy parade featuring 80 Liars all spinning gracefully to the music.
  15. Uriton’s Food Stand  Partake in a light meal to relieve your hunger. Relax and enjoy a Baroque menu that you’ll only find at Malkuth Kingdom, with all the Hope Fluid drinks and Grilled Flesh you could ever want. Our popular dishes include the “Idiot Sandwich” for 500 yen and “Pure Water” for 350 yen.
  16. Arcana Scramble  An exciting bumper kart battle featuring Hananip, Galgal-Tank-Joe, and Seventeen cars! Get a high score by causing cheerful and positive collisions!
  17. First Branch of the Malkuth Order  You too can become a pretend angel! Enjoy taking commemorative photos while dressed as Baroque characters. Make your very own souvenirs at our Print Club Corner and Stamp Rally.
  18. Dungeon of Terror Tour  Welcome to Coffin Man’s Underground Crypt. With his voice as your navigator, survive deadly battles with Grotesques! Can you escape with your life?
  19. Shapeless Pearl  A restaurant located in the upper floors of the Nerve Tower, the landmark attraction of Malkuth Kingdom. We offer gourmet meals with a view overlooking the park. The waitresses dressed as Alice and Eliza are very popular.
    The Flying Boxes that travel to the theater entrance also depart from the Nerve Tower.
  20. Wheel of Fortune  A large Ferris wheel with a height of 50 meters. The view of Malkuth Kingdom at night from the top of the wheel is unforgettably beautiful. Please experience it for yourself.

There are still even more fun attractions! We look forward to seeing you there.
  • Sefirotic Stamp Rally
    Collect all kinds of “Branding Irons” that you can get at specific attractions. If you get all 22 stamps, you will be issued a “Malkuth Order Member Certificate”. You can obtain a stamp card from the Malkuth Order Branch office.
  • A 100 Rose Sword Bouquet will be presented to the first attendee to purchase admission during our Grand Opening Commemorative Event!

Scheduled to open in the Adachi Ward on May 14th, 2032. The park is a five minute walk from Ayase Station on the Chiyoda Subway Line.

Baroque Products

Nerve Tower Model Replica

・Nerve Tower Model Replica・
A line of Baroque models produced by up-and-coming sculptor Eisako Kito, among which is the particularly memorable figure of the “Nerve Tower”. This ½ scale replica of the original sculpt is now on sale. This highly detailed masterpiece which encapsulates Baroque as a whole can now be yours.
Painted Assembly Kit
Completed Dimensions: 32.2cm wide by 40.0cm high by 30.8cm deep

           Product Code: SEPK-87024-233-8
                          © 2000 STING

Baroque Portable Angel Raising Game, 'Littles’ Wish'

・Baroque Portable Angel Raising Game, “Littles’ Wish” ・
A tiny life in a liquid crystal display. It starts out as a mere Little, but depending on your love and dedication, it will grow into various forms such as a Crypt Angel or a Worker Angel. Take care, as tormenting your angel may cause it to become a Grotesque! If you raise it with all your heart, you may see your angel achieve its ultimate form - “The Archangel”, a harbinger of happiness.

           Product Code: FIMJ-69245-233-5
                          © 2000 STING

Hungones Curtain

・Hungones Curtain・
Transform your house into the Nerve Tower by hanging this curtain at the entrance to rooms, such as your kitchen. A Hungones is printed on this unique and fun curtain, making it appear as if it is creeping up on you from the other side of a dark passage. We are particular about the materials we use, so this curtain is made from 100% eco-friendly, high quality Indian cotton. Machine washable (antibacterial finish).

85x90cm    Color: Navy
※Hanging Balls sold separately.

           Product Code: UTBS-87434-233-8
                          © 2000 STING

Death Pencil Case

・Death Pencil Case・
The Death that was floating around BF11 of the Nerve Tower is now in your hands as a brand new product! Each part is removable, so the left hand can become a compass while the headdress becomes a protractor. The right hand sickle is a ruler that can measure up to 13cm.  The unit is quite heavy, so you can kill two birds with one stone by using it as a weight to tone your muscles with. You too can be the talk of the school with this product.

Length: 16cm
Weight: 500g

           Product Code: SDPC-65227-233-9
                          © 2000 STING

Prosperity Branding Iron Stamps

・Prosperity Branding Iron Stamps・
If you’re serious about your work and life, you want to choose your stamps with care. Our Prosperity Branding Iron Stamps are all handmade with great care by stamp craftsmen and will bring you happiness and luck. No two in the world are exactly the same. If you’re insecure about your endurance or appraisal ability, you can finally gain peace of mind. The Japan Stamp Dealers’ Association has also rated this a 5-star product.

(Pictured Brands: Flameblower, Invincibility, Immobility, Erotic, Explosive, Healing, Self, Prosperity, Storm, Null, Halftime)

           Product Code: KYIN-54148-233-6
                          © 2000 STING

Please pre-order as soon as possible, as supplies are limited.

Baroque 2 On-line

Baroque 2 On-line

The sequel to Baroque, which previously had been developed in secret, has now suddenly been announced. Entitled “Baroque Z Online”, this sequel will retain the setting of the previous game and focus on future adventures of the protagonist - as well as detailing past events during his time with the Koriel. Additionally, the previous versions of the game have been entirely remastered and included in this title, so that players unfamiliar with Baroque can fully enjoy the story. Therefore, the title of this game is not “Baroque 2”, but rather “Baroque Z”. In the screenshot, you can see a 3D model of the game’s protagonist. Just by looking at the 10,000 polygon player model, I think you’ll be able to see just how detailed the world of this game will be. Below you will find an explanation of the new gameplay system, commonly referred to as “FORMS”.

As in the previous two titles, players are free to do whatever they want. However, “Baroque Z” has evolved far beyond the conventional level of freedom afforded to players in video games. In the sequel, you will be able to explore the Nerve Tower while accompanied by distorted NPCs, convince female NPCs to take naps with you, or even ascend the Nerve Tower (since in previous titles you could only head to the lowest layer). The protagonist’s true freedom begins now.

In “Baroque Z Online”, all game events are real-time and synchronized to real world time, with events proceeding as if it were the real world. You could say that Baroque no longer exists as a small virtual world within a game, but rather in multiple dimensions parallel to our own.

As the name “Baroque Z Online” suggests, users from all over the country will be able to explore the Nerve Tower simultaneously through the use of telephone lines. Furthermore, with the integration of an E-Chat program, it will be possible for players to communicate with each other through Sense Spheres during gameplay.

If you connect to the network and select the “Multiple Mode” option, multiple players will spawn into the Nerve Tower at the same time. Team up with or fight other users, you can even steal the equipment of fallen players. The Nerve Tower will become a new battlefield. Become stronger than all the rest!

In addition to beautifully recreating the structure and environment of the Nerve Tower found in the previous titles, this new game will see the outside world greatly expanded. Moon will no longer be the only enemy you encounter in the outside world!

  • After much refining, there will be 12 brand new scenarios to play through, including hidden scenarios. However, these are just basic scenarios - elements from which will incorporate into the game as a whole, causing the game to branch out intricately like a maze.
  • The AI Multi-Dialogue System will allow NPCs to say different lines each time a player speaks with them.
  • By adjusting the force with which you press the controller inputs, the protagonist will run, walk, and even throw items with variable force which allows for delicate maneuvers.
  • Shadow mapping has been applied to the background models, such as those found within the Nerve Tower. The unevenness of the floor and support columns will cast dynamic shadows under the influence of light sources, creating an ever-changing atmosphere within the Nerve Tower.
  • All dialogue has fully recorded audio and is available in both Japanese and English. It is possible to change the voice language, with optional subtitles available.
  • In addition to the 22 major arcana enemies found in the previous games, 56 minor arcana enemies have now been designed. The Grotesques that appeared previously have been remastered in 5,000 polygon models, and have been given new attacks as well.
  • The number of items is 1.5 times higher than before, and the number of items the protagonist can carry has been increased to 21. There are now two Thing Things as well.
Baroque Online Items

Attention: The products and projects featured on these pages are all delusions. None of this is possible in reality at the moment, so don’t be fooled!

Baroque Encyclopedia

Item List 【Item was thrown back】 Everyday you collect and transfer items that are unlikely to be of any use whatsoever. It’s a bit of a masochistic joy… When completed, get down on your knees and worship the bonus movies you’ve unlocked.
The Red Queen【is actually just an illusion】 The name of the Quantum Interference Train that appeared in a lost episode. It was inside this train that Sack Thing became distorted. It has also been confirmed that the figure of Neck Thing appeared within the train car, holding a red liquid (cultivation fluid).
Alice 【ALICE】 Seems delusional. In the real world, only perverts say things like “It’s okay if you kill me”. A floating girl who appears to have some regret concerning the protagonist’s past. Curious about the Littles. Fooled many people by referring to herself using male pronouns.
Walking Bone【Written as 'Further Stride Bone'】 This item was named by Mr. Toyama, a master programmer at Rising.
Consciousness Simulation【-1】 Conducted at the outside world research facility in order to burn the protagonist’s mission into his mind, on the orders of the Archangel.
Grotesque【Atypical】People who are distorted. Is it read as “Atypical Appearance (Ikei)” or as “Suspicious Looking (Igyo)”? This gets asked a lot, but it doesn’t matter which one you choose.
Grotesque Kill Team【Grotesque Exterminators】People who killed Grotesques before the Great Heat Wave occurred. They carry weapons that resemble giant blender blades.
Idea Sefirah【Idea Sefirot】An object that is said to be the very core of something’s existence. These appear when purifying Grotesques. The truth behind these spheres is not well understood, but it is said that - in this distorted world - the Idea Sefirot of those familiar with these objects tend not to be pure white. Due to the long name, the number of characters often overflowed during programming, which was bothersome.
Dog Angel【Woof】A stylish angel that appeared in initial drafts. It would have been a character with many skills, such as following the protagonist, barking at Grotesques, pooping, and catching tossed bones.
Eliza【IRAIZA】So timid that she runs away when approached and yet always demands items - she’s a floating girl who isn’t sure whether to be cowardly or ill-mannered. In early versions, her upper body would explode if the player attacked her. It was pretty ugly and ran the risk of an Adults Only rating.
Bin Kimura【Kimura Bin】Author of “Abnormal Structures” and “Time and Self”. A huge influence.

Interludium【Interlude】A Baroque short story. See also ‘Prehistory’.
Urim and Thummim【I’m hungry, ain’t you?】They are the bestest of friends in the world of Baroque, and are almost always hungry. If you see them, toss them some food. Urim is the face on Thummim’s shoulder. Both of them are named after stones that appear in the Bible.
Erotic Sigil【A violent burst of lust】A terrifying brand that makes your offensive potential unparalleled while in lust. Use with Greed Bones.
Master【Obsessed with making goth clothing】The person who refashions Thing Thing’s headbag. Everything about them, including their very existence, is a mystery. By the way, they do not appear in the game. Now, let’s get to delusioning!
Self Sigil【Names Brand】Even though I applied it with great care, I forget all about it when I die and end up passing the branded item by. Then depression sets in.
Or Huganous【World】A Grotesque initially modeled after a birdcage, an image evocative of going down into a coal mine with a canary. It has a feminine silhouette that is a bit sexy. This Grotesque will go nuts and self-destruct if you attack it half-heartedly, so be quick about it.

Flame Furnace【Trap】A trap that activates when you step on a pressure plate. Sometimes fireballs will fire for seemingly no reason! When this happens, it’s usually a Grue’s fault. You have to punish them without remorse!
Kato【Fortune】Mr. Kato. Please pay special attention to his tongue, as it is shaped like a necktie. The initial image was that of a Japanese office worker.
Galgal Tank Joe【Galgal】Galgal is a Hebrew word that means both “eye” and “wheel”. Translated into Japanese, this name means “Joe, the Tank with Eyes and Wheels”.
Crab Walking【Swoosh swoosh】A method of movement recommended by the Coffin Man. In Baroque, it’s faster to move diagonally using L1 and R1 than it is to walk in a straight line.
Working Title【There were lots】There were a lot of great title proposals such as ”Imperial Angel (working title)”, “Nerve Tower of Despair”, “Angels and Revolution”.
Coffin Man【Hold on, I’ll make you a coffin】You never know if he’s crude or polite, as he constantly sandwiches his sentences between “Please” and “God damn it”. However, people who use honorifics without really understanding their purpose often sound like him. He’s a hardworking man who excavates dungeons and cultivates Grotesques while the protagonist is senselessly dying, smashing stuff, and merging with things. It appears that his new daily routine consists of constructing a dungeon that is 100 stories deep.
Coffin Man
Sense Sphere【They are everywhere】Sensory organs which are said to take in, regulate, and expel the data which comprises the world.
Toy Box【Please transfer them】The secret weapon of the Crypt Angel. If it’s silver, you’ll need three; if it’s gold, only one. Collect the needed ingredients and throw them to receive your prize.
Parasite【Squeak squeak】A cameo of the grubs from Baroque’s predecessor, “A Life of Catching Grubs”. Everyone seems to have different opinions on where the parasites enter the body.
Parasite Box【Everyone succumbed】In order to register this box in the item list, many players use a dribbling method - repeatedly dropping and picking it up on their way to the Sense Sphere. It’s also fun to open or throw these boxes around.
Eisaku Kito【Sculptor of amazing models】In addition to designing and modeling the characters and Grotesques, he also contributed to the story and setting. His model of the Nerve Tower is quite big, with a height of about 60cm. It’s incredibly rusty~
Hope Fluid【How exciting】Fluid that is said to bring about a full recovery. Non-addictive.
Sentry Angel
Imitation Wings【Too pricey for my budget】Imitation wings worn by members of the Malkuth, even before the Great Heat Wave. Their size varies and indicates the rank of the wearer. The person who came up with this rule must have been a cospl*yer.
Pure Water【Clear water】The substance requested by Eliza. Due to concerns about younger players, we made a lot of changes surrounding this concept. Perhaps it would have been better if we hadn’t changed anything. She’s talking about Idea Sefirot, but “water” implies that it’s a liquid. It could be that it’s the flow of energy through the body. See also ‘Idea Sefirah’.
Sword【Sword】I’ve been swinging it around with the smooth side facing forward. Wouldn’t it do more damage if I were hitting things with the jagged side though?
Kingdom【Kingdom】A series directed by Lars von Trier. The scenes in which the illusion of the brother appears is greatly influenced by this work.
Blond Beauty【Blond kimono girl】The protagonist must be happy whenever he encounters the Crypt Angel while suffering from the lust ailment, as the Angel appears to be carrying and giving out beautiful women. She is not a specific person, nor does she have a name - she merely embodies the protagonist’s personal ideal of beauty.
Neck Thing【Neck guy】Former assistant to the Guardian Angel. His involvement in cultivating the Angelic Insects seems to have contributed to his mental and physical deterioration.
Neck Thing
Gliro【Thief】The Grotesque everyone hates. The initial concept and name originate from the paintings of Bosch. Corresponds with the Devil Tarot Arcana. Let’s foil his plans with Immobility Sigils.
Grue【Garbage】The pointless complaints of the salaryman, Mr. Kato. The blue ones are the first challenge you face in the Hell Dungeon.
Sentry Angel【Copycat】He’s very concerned about Neck Thing, who appears to be blissfully buried - but maybe that’s just because of his current job dissatisfaction. No matter the reason, escapism should always be undertaken in moderation.
Laboratory【Awakening】A research facility owned by the Malkuth Order. It’s also a protagonist production factory. Perhaps it once conducted other research, but it would have been abandoned after a certain incident.
Cocteauhead【Fool】Creates a bubble barrier when in trouble. The constant warping, poisoning, and knockback are all unpleasant. Named after Jean Cocteau.
CCK【Cholecystokinin】 It’s a substance composed of 15 amino acids that is found within pregnant women. It’s thought to be related to the association area of the cerebral cortex. Caerulein, which has a similar structure to CCK-8, has a memory enhancing effect. CCK-4 on the other hand, seems to cause memory loss.
Mind Reading Thing
Mind Reading Thing【Grandma wearing a comfy looking straw raincoat】An old woman who unfortunately became merged with a Sense Sphere during the Great Heat Wave. The thoughts of other people constantly flow through her, whether she wants it or not. Her suffering seems unimaginable. I do not believe that her nudity will adversely affect young players.
Koriel【don’t have noses】People who were once associates of the protagonist, although they are now indistinguishable because they have been imprisoned inside of caskets. The peanut-shaped part is often thought to be their bodies, but it’s just the casket and their real bodies are inside. It’s a bit cruel to use their crystals as projectiles, but they clutter up your inventory otherwise.
Worker Angel【Vengeance Angel】A Punisher Angel that roams the Nerve Tower in an attempt to assassinate the Guardian Angel for her betrayal of the Malkuth Order. He is also a playful angel however, leading to him wandering around for so long that he forgets his mission.
Kill Team【Slaughter Corps】A special group organized to massacre the Littles. Some of them get lost sometimes.
March 12th【I’m very sorry】This in itself was a distorted delusion, a Baroque. Don’t you understand!? It was our first projected release date.
Sun【Sun】Lives in the tower and surprisingly doesn’t explode. Is it really okay to put a face on the bottom of a mucous membrane?

Voice List【It’s strange】Even after beating the game, it will barely be filled in. The lines included on this list are only about 1/10 of the total dialogue in the game. It’s really hard to see all the lines. Do your best everyone!
Jerryrom【Hermit】A smiling guy that happily floats about the interior of the Nerve Tower. They seem like they’re lonely, because they run in your direction as soon as they see you. When you run away, they get angry and commit suicide.
Hell Dungeon【A true hell】The reason the Coffin Man was weirdly kind in the training dungeons was so that he could send the protagonist here eventually! Is that a convincing theory? (I’m not sure). See also “Training Dungeons”.
Sisyphus【Legendary duty】The King of Corinth who was sentenced to forever roll a boulder up a hill. His name has become synonymous with “eternal burden”.
Death Game*【Die】Baroque is pioneering this new horizon (or new low) of game design. Please enjoy yourself as you die.
*TN - A “Death Game” is a game that’s deliberately designed to involve repeated player deaths.
Crypt Angel
Protagonist【will continue even if he dies】I forgot what his name was early on and didn’t remember until after we completed the game, so he doesn’t have a name. An innocent, mysterious person who tries to do what they’re told, no matter how many times they die. Only occasionally gets angry. Never gets any merchandise for some reason.
Crypt Angel【Dedication, dedication!】Synthesizes items. A mysterious being that is always twirling around, repairing things that have deteriorated. It was human before distorting into its current form. Probably the most unusual pretend angel, considering it vanishes when attacked. It will always reappear again in the lower layers. It was originally going to be an angel tasked with cleaning up Grotesque carcasses.
Archangel【Lord】A fan favorite who has become gentler than he used to be in the past. Many comments have requested that he say more harsh things to them. Hmm. He appears to be a Tarot card enthusiast. There are also some strange situations with him, like when he offers to sing a song. These lines change depending on the number of times you die, so let’s die and see them all.
Archangel’s Sister【】 See “Little Brother” in the collection of short stories of “icenine/baroque”, written by Masami Kiyanaka (who also participates in the Baroque Supplementary Project.
Food Pattern【Something amazing happens in the blink of an eye】A unique feeling of vulnerability occurs when the sword and coat you have so carefully upgraded become entrails after one careless misstep. We all lose a little innocence each time it happens.
Nervous Breakdown Tower【Nervous Breakdown Tower】A browser game you can play for free on the STING homepage. Your goal is a nervous breakdown. But don’t worry, it’s a very well made game. The game centers around how you use your items. Why not challenge yourself if you have internet capability? Now, go to STING’s homepage!
Nerve Tower【Why does it go down】When speaking of Baroque, the Nerve Tower immediately springs to mind. In a sense, it’s the true protagonist of the game - always featuring prominently on posters, advertisements, and packaging. The Nerve Tower can also be read as “Path to God”.
Heart【Badump badump】You would think they would rot if you left them on the floor, but they don’t. It makes quite a mess when you transform a room full of Grotesques by using a Heart Torturer.
Sin-Moniz【Stop sucking on me from behind】Fungi that initially appear to be friendly since they don’t attack. If afflicted with lust, they will restore your VT. Representative of the Judgement Tarot card. The first half of the name comes from “Sin”. The second half comes from Portuguese neurologist Egas Moniz, the old man who pioneered lobotomization, specifically those in which the frontal lobe was removed.
Seventeen【17 years old】A Grotesque teenager that charges you from a long way away. Let’s bare-knuckle brawl to deepen our bond with each other. Their corresponding Tarot card is the Star.
Staff Credits【End credits】This will only appear after you’ve cleared the final ending. If you haven’t seen the ending with credits in it, then the game isn’t over. Don’t go running off to the game shop to sell it back yet.
Prehistory【Prehistory】A novel depicting the world as it was before the Great Heat Wave, compiled in “Baroque World Guidance” and published by Softbank.
When the Saints Go Marching In【聖者の行進】I think this was a drama in which a girl named Alice, who also had a short haircut, appeared.
Summer Vacation 1999【1999】An amazing work by Shusuke Kaneko. The boys are played by girls, dying again and again, coming back to life again and again. It’s a work that feels timeless, and was a large influence on Baroque.
God of Creation and Preservation【Mom】The thing that resides in the lowest layer of the Nerve Tower. I really wanted to just call it the “Creator and Preserver”, but it was difficult to understand, so I forced a “God” into it as well.
That’s where it is【Soconpo】The name came from a typo on the keyboard while trying to type “that’s where it is” (sokonotokoro). That’s the reason it has such a strange name. It’s the Justice card in Tarot.
Dabar Fusion【Dabar Fusion】Dabar means “[God] spoke” in Hebrew. It was a plan to fuse one of the Koriel members with the mute God, in order to give it the ability to speak its true intention in human language.
Secretion Bone【Splort】They were initially meant to be used as location marking items, but after the inclusion of the 2D map, they now have no purpose aside from minor healing. They’ve fallen on hard times, so let’s say something nice about them.
Great Heat Wave【Great Heat】A phenomenon that is said to have distorted the world, but the truth behind it is unknown. It’s not quite the same as a conventional “man-made disaster”.
Intermediate Angel【Mid-level Angel】A relatively popular character, despite not making it past the planning and modeling stages of development. The inspiration for the character came from the card soldiers in “Alice in Wonderland”.
Horned Woman【Horn-chan】A young girl who does not have a firm sense of self and so has come to speak the thoughts of those near her. It can be ascertained that she carries some form of guilt, as she will sink into the soil if given Neck Thing’s crystal. What kind of sin she has committed, however, is a secret.
Sin【Sin】Sin can be roughly divided into two categories. The first is “original sin”, which affects a species as a whole and cannot be redeemed (although this interpretation is too religious to be taken into account). However, there is another! Sin can also be something that is acquired through actions such as “committing a crime”. This type can be (socially) redeemed through punishment. So, which of the above categories does the protagonist’s “sin” fall into? I don’t dare to state my opinion on the matter, because each player will have a different interpretation. See also ‘Awareness of sin’.
Horned Woman
Awareness of Sin【Awareness of sin】What exactly is the nature of the protagonist’s sin? Is it something to do with his brother? Does it involve the Creator and Preserver? Or is it something else entirely? It’s interesting to think about these things seriously. See also ‘Sin’.
Angelic Rifle【How are you supposed to hold it?】In the early stages of development, there was also going to be an “Angelic Bazooka”. There was also a proposal to make a “Purification Gun” (an Angelic Rifle with unlimited ammo) as a reward for clearing the Hell Dungeon (but it was rejected).
Littles, the Angelic Insects【Owaa】The single most unfortunate beings in the game, as they didn’t want to be born nor do they want to die - their entire lives are nothing but perpetual suffering. Is there any person who could be saved through their constant agony? At least their purified crystal appears happy, so that’s a relief. If you turn around as they fly towards you, you can see their backs.
Littles’ Wish【Small Hope】I don’t know if such a phrase exists, but early in development the name was chosen for an ending movie in Baroque. It would have begun with a desperate situation, but ends as you see a ray of light leaking through a gap in the clouds - as if it were a small ray of hope.
Multiple Divinities【Multiple divinities】Various individuals that God created in order to protect itself. Alice and Eliza are two such divinities. There were many more in the initial planning stages, but it was starting to look like a dating sim so I gave up on that.
Blood【Blood】There were ethical concerns over the impact of violence on youths, so we felt blood shouldn’t be shown. Instead, the liquid that sprays out is a ‘secretion’.
Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel【Guardian Angel】A tall and (self-professed) beautiful secretary who regrets cultivating the Angelic Insects. Due to her strange accent, she may not be Japanese - but the exact details of her origins are unknown. I wanted to make merchandise based on her coat and hat, but that seemed like it would cost way too much. See also “Doctor Angelicus”.
Doctor Angelicus【A Self-professed beauty】Literally translated as “Angelic Doctor”, the Guardian Angel was once called this. This is a reference to the 13th century theologian, Thomas Aquinas. The 9 Orders of Angels in theology is largely based on his “Summa Theologica”. Source: Tatsuhiko Shibusawa’s “Universe of Dreams Magazine”. Anyway, it is unknown where she falls within the hierarchy of the Malkuth Order.
Treasure Hunter G【Treasure Hunter G】Sting’s previous project, before Baroque. There is something “delusional” about the status ailments in this game.
Training Dungeon【Which one?】The slaughterhouse training exercise managed (?) by the most positive thinker in the world of Baroque, Coffin Man. Players have said that his personality has been changed too much and is now too kind when compared to the original version - but this kindness could also merely be a means of luring you into the Hell Dungeon later on. See also “Hell Dungeon”.
Niculi and Nicula【Lovers】The chunky duo that appear in the opening movie. In many ways, they’re symbolic of the world of this game. The design keywords were “lovers”, “two bodies”, “bodily gash”, and “blindness”. Named after “Funiculi, Funicula”. Don’t concern yourself with their gigantic pancakes.
Nirvana Death【Nirvana】I was planning on using this English term for the Great Heat Wave. When I asked a native English speaker about it, they told me that it sounded nice, so I dropped the idea.
Box Thing
No Panties【Umm】There seem to be people who see Alice’s sprite as not wearing anything under her skirt. That’s just a distorted delusion on their part.
Box Thing【Box Geezer】A man who keeps his dead daughter in a box while looking for a way to resurrect her. In reality, the box is empty and his daughter is actually alive.
Hananip【Temperance】A rocking biker who carries a pair of cymbals. He also likes crawling around as if he’s bowing. Since he walks like a toddler, let’s be kind to him. His name was chosen because it looks as if he’s pinching (“nipping”) your nose (“hana” in Japanese).
Baroque【Distorted Delusion】A kind of extra-dimensional Sense Sphere in CD format that connects the world of Baroque and the real world. In other words, the world of Baroque is transmitted as information through the game and into the player’s consciousness, aided by their own delusions. Now then, let’s continue the delusion.
Baroque Message Board【Delusional Message Board】The message board on Sting’s website. When you post on it, sometimes a Baroque character will reply.
Baroque Report【Baro-Repo】Abbreviated as Baro-Repo.

Baroque Report GOLD【Baro-kin】Abbreviated as Baro-Kin.* The gold isn’t referring to the color, but the density of the information is worth its weight in gold.
*TN- “Kin” means “Gold”.
Baroque Report Z【Third rate junk】Dense and confusing reading material. Contains articles about fake things, so don’t take it too seriously. Just relax and have fun.
Baroque of Love and Delusion【Baroque of Love and Delusion】Ruin’s website. Go to It was an invaluable reference when creating this page.
Hungones【Upside down person】He must have a tough time attacking things on the edge of his field of vision. He looks like he’s fluttering desperately when he falls down, because he can’t move on the ground. He’s still dangerous though, as he can attack very rapidly.
Festum【Hierophant】A person who is festive.
Sack Thing
Sack Thing【Sack-chan】In the original draft, she was completely covered in bandages. She communicates by quoting the words of others. She was a kind and honest daughter to Box Thing but he strangled her. She appeared to have asphyxiated, but actually survived. Perhaps this is what caused her to lose the ability to speak for herself.
Bubugel【Tower】A playful Grotesque that disguises itself as a dead-end in hallways, only to suddenly reveal itself. It’s always such a relief when they get caught on level geometry.
Bulger【Empress】Official name is Chulu the Burger. This is why it always drops Average Flesh.* Get me a burger, granny.
*TN - A pun. Chulu/Churu sounds similar to the “churyu” in the Average Flesh item.
Paul Éluard【French】A surreal poet. The quotation in the game is taken from “The Scissors and Their Father”, published in the poetry collection “Misfortunes of the Immortals”.
Bones【I’ll take them】Basically, you could think of them as having come from the skeletonized remains of Grotesques who failed to be purified. They also seem like they could have come from copies of the protagonist which died during their mission. The Nerve Tower is full of mysteries however, so I’m not sure what to think. Beating the game is a lot easier if you collect Death Bones and Rotten Bones. Dispersion Patterns are the greatest enemy of bone enthusiasts. Let’s use an Immobility brand.

Paralysis Wings【As amazing as winning the lottery】A ‘phantom item’ in both the Sega Saturn and Playstation versions, as it has a low appearance rate. Those lucky enough to pick up a pair in the Nerve Tower should pass it down to their children.
Malkuth Order【Cosplayers】A religious organization, led by the Archangel, that has sworn to protect the one true God: “the Creator and Preserver”. They were active even before the Great Heat Wave, and were easily identified by their striking fashion choices - such as their fake wings. There are a lot of old men in the organization.
Malkuth Emblem【RNA Transcription】The Malkuth emblem is similar to a diagram showing RNA transcription, but I’m not entirely sure of its intended meaning because I’m not a member of the Order. Sorry.
Loss【Symptom】One of the early symptoms of Baroque. Getting lost in the item menu, losing your way in the Tower, and finally losing your blood. An unending torrent of misfortune.
Moon【Moon】Fish that appear in the outside world, training dungeons, and the upper layers of the Nerve Tower.
“'Magic' as an English Tutor”【Magic】Published by Yutaka Nagao. A great book about learning English through studying magic. Used as a reference for Tarot.
Thing Thing
Single Illusion Theory【Kishida】A theory of Shu Kishida that states “everything is an illusion”. The delusions of Baroque were greatly influenced by Mr. Kishida.
Thing Thing【Items came pop pop popping out】First appeared in the Playstation version. The design focused around eyes peeping out from under a hood, and a certain gradually developing proclivity. His dream is to see all the items in the world. It remains a secret how he gets the items in and out of the bag. In addition to his Master, there were initially going to be more minions running around called “Thing Thing Things”, but they did not make it into the game for various reasons.
Branding Iron【Cigarette burn】It’s so hot, you can only stand to mark yourself once.
Distorted Person【Baroque】A word commonly used to refer to so-called Baroque obsessed and extremely funky people. The gospel of the great distortion calls to them!
Johanna Kyon【Pajama buddies】Two sisters who irritated their neighborhood with their happy, confusing chatter. When in danger, they blast off like a rocket. They represent the High Priestess in Tarot. The first half of the name was inspired by a film called “Mother Joan of the Angels”, in which the nun Johanna is possessed by the devil. The “Kyon” comes from Kyoko Koizumi. It has nothing to do with the Kyon on Hachijojima Island.
Liar【They’re pheromones, not dandruff】Corresponds to “Power” in the Tarot Arcana. A plant-type Grotesque.

Luka【Luka】The famous St. Luke, who is said to be the author of “The Third Gospel”, and “Acts of the Apostles”. However, who Sack Thing is referring to actually comes from a song by Suzanne Vega entitled “Luka”. It’s a song about an abused child.
BLACK IN TRUTH【BAROQUE MODE】Opening song for the Playstation version. The working title was “Black Truth”.
STING【Sting】Distortion Transmission Central.
20320514【Distorted Anniversary】This is the day the Great Heat Wave was said to have occurred. May 14, 2032 AD. The inspiration for the date came from a brand of clothes. There are other deeper meanings, but don’t worry about the details.